COVIDsortium goes live on HDR Innovation Gateway

COVIDsortium becomes CO-CONNECT's 11th Data Partner to go live

We are pleased to announce that COVIDsortium has gone live, making it the 11th CO-CONNECT Data Partner to be discoverable on the HDR Innovation Gateway’s Cohort Discovery Tool.

COVIDsortium is a collaboration between University College London, the Barts Charity, University College London Hospital’s NHS Trust, Barts Health NHS Foundation Trust, and Queen Mary’s University of London. It holds the biological data of over 2000 healthcare workers in London, England and Cape Town, South Africa.

To find out more about COVIDsortium, read their Data Partner Profile at: COVIDsortium | CO-CONNECT

To find out more about the Cohort Discovery Tool, visit the Health Data Research UK website at: Health Data Research UK launches transformational new search functionality – HDR UK