How is CO-CONNECT funded and who is involved?

CO-CONNECT is funded by the Medical Research Council (part of UKRI) and National Institute for Health Research (part of the Department of Health and Social Care) in direct response to the pandemic. University of Nottingham is the contractual lead, with the Universities of Dundee and Edinburgh and UK HSA as … Read More

Is all software in CO-CONNECT open source?

No. All the tools that CO-CONNECT are building are open source such as the tools that the data partners use to convert the data and the tool used by the data team to generate mappings rules from metadata CO-CONNECT have also created our own version of BC|Link that is open source, called HUTCH, and implements the query … Read More

What is a Trusted Research Environment?

A trusted research environment (TRE) is a secure environment in which researchers who have permission can analyse the data. TREs work on the basis that data should not be sent to researchers but instead researchers securely login to an environment where they can analyse the data. The data cannot leave … Read More

What is the HDR UK Cohort Discovery tool

The Cohort Discovery Search Tool is a service run by Health Data Research UK that has implemented the tools created in CO-CONNECT and offers researchers a web portal they can log into and run cohort discovery questions. 

What is cohort discovery?

This is a form of data discovery. It allows a user to specify a cohort they are interested to find, such as ‘Females with Asthma’. The system can then inform the user which datasets contain individuals that meet their cohort definition. The approach does not reveal individual data but tells … Read More

What is data discovery?

Data Discovery can have multiple definitions. For CO-CONNECT it is a process that facilitates users to understand if a dataset is suitable for their use by asking questions about whether a dataset contains certain data. 

Who are all the Engagement partners in CO-CONNECT?

Engagement: Disseminate the project to the UK research community with the aim of promoting the use of the platform. University College London – Communication Lead University of Edinburgh – PPIE Lead

Who are all the Technology Partners in CO-CONNECT?

Health Data Research UK: a national institute whose mission is to unite the UK’s health and care data to enable discoveries that improve people’s lives. CO-CONNECT are working in partnership with HDR-UK to integrate the developed tools into the HDR Innovation Gateway. BC Platforms: a global company with software and teams to … Read More

Who are all the Data Partners in CO-CONNECT?

Data Partners: an organisation who has been funded and contracted through CO-CONNECT that has data of relevance for the CO-CONNECT project: Imperial College London King College London NHS Digital NHS GOSH Northern Ireland Department of Health & Social Care Office for National Statistics Public Health Scotland Queen Mary University London UK … Read More

What is a CO-CONNECT Data Partner and a Data Source?

CO-CONNECT are collaborating with a range of organisations who collect, host and manage data. They are the legal data controllers of the data. We term them CO-CONNECT “Data Partners”. A Data Source is a specific data set hosted and managed by the Data Partner. 

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