Who leads CO-CONNECT?

University of Nottingham is the contractual lead with the Universities of Dundee and Edinburgh and UK HSA as co-leads of the programme. 

What problem is CO-CONNECT addressing?

Across the UK, each time someone takes part in research, visits their GP or hospital, or takes a blood test, data from these events is securely held by the organisation that collected it.   However, these data (Data Sources) are held by different organisations (Data Controllers, which we call ‘Data Partners’), in … Read More


The COVID-Curated and Open aNalysis aNd rEsearCh plaTform (otherwise known as CO-CONNECT) is a UK wide research programme supporting researchers to find and access data relating to COVID-19, such as test results, symptoms and previous medical history, whilst ensuring people’s information is kept private and secure. CO-CONNECT has patient involvement at the … Read More

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