The process of transferring data to a single TRE

In collaboration with Data Partners, CO-CONNECT are researching a new capability to speed up the process where Data Partners generate a subset of data for research analysis by utilisation of a semi-automated method. This method helps Data Partners to create this subset of their data based on the cohort definition used with the … Read More

The process and development of analytics across Data Sources (federated analytics)

In collaboration with Data Partners, CO-CONNECT is researching federated analysis. This is where the data remains within the Data Partners’ secure environment, but questions about the data are sent through the Health Data Research Innovation Gateway website and summary results returned. Building upon the functionality of the method to find … Read More

The process of generating a pseudo-anonymised ID

CO-CONNECT is researching a new capability in collaboration with data partners to provide data in a way that enables researchers to understand which data is from the same individual across different data partners – without compromising patient identity.  For example, if successful, COVID-19 results from a test centre could then … Read More

The process to allow Data Partners to automatically answer cohort availability questions

CO-CONNECT is researching methods to enable researchers to determine how many people meet their research criteria within the various datasets across the UK using the Cohort Discovery Search Tool embedded within one website, the Health Data Research Innovation Gateway. A secure computer is set up by each Data Partner which is separate … Read More

The process to convert data to a single standard

When converting data to a common standard, most techniques and tools assume that the team undertaking the work to understand how to convert the data will also have access to the data. We wanted to ensure there was a consistent way to convert the data by having a central team … Read More

Representation of Covid-19 serology results

There is no single supplier to measure an antibody response to COVID-19. Therefore, whilst there are reliable results for someone either having or not having an immune response, it is much harder to compare the quantitative result between studies. This is because the way in which different suppliers measure the … Read More

How is CO-CONNECT addressing the three challenges?

CO-CONNECT is researching standard methods to respond to these challenges. Standards ensure consistency and interoperability across systems and processes. It also ensures data is handled consistently across multiple organisations. CO-CONNECT is researching standardisation across different processes and in doing so generating enhanced assurance that the privacy of personal data can … Read More