Can a researcher access individual level data from the cohort discovery tool?

No. Researchers can establish if data exists that is suitable for their research. If the researcher wants access to the data to undertake research, they must go through the access procedures for each Data Partner. 

Does HDR UK control who can access individual data?

No. Each Data Partner creates the data access process for researchers to use. This is to ensure that all access requests go through the normal data governance process at each Data Partner.  

Does HDR UK define what data is made discoverable?

No. Each Data Partner decides the data and fields to include as part of their own governance and risk assessments. 

Who can use the HDR UK Cohort Discovery tool?

In line with the UK Health Data Research Alliance principles for participation, a proportionate governance approach based on the Five Safes Framework is used. For accessing Cohort Discovery, the focus is on Safe People and Safe Projects as Safe Setting, Safe Data and Safe Outputs are managed by the data and technology partners. … Read More

Where is the HDR UK Cohort Discovery tool based?

Servers hosted in the United Kingdom. 

What is Health Data Research UK’s involvement?

Health Data Research (HDR) UK are collaborators and delivery partners on the CO-CONNECT research project. CO-CONNECT has collaborated with HDR UK to scale and provide the capabilities to the wide userbase of HDR. HDR UK does not have any access to identifiable or pseudonymised patient data.