How is CO-CONNECT addressing the three challenges?

CO-CONNECT is researching standard methods to respond to these challenges. Standards ensure consistency and interoperability across systems and processes. It also ensures data is handled consistently across multiple organisations. CO-CONNECT is researching standardisation across different processes and in doing so generating enhanced assurance that the privacy of personal data can be maintained. CO-CONNECT have sought to develop software tools that standardise the following: 

  1. Representation of Covid-19 serology results 
  2. The process to convert data to a single standard 
  3. The process to answer questions to cohort availability question
  4. The process of generating a pseudo-anonymised ID
  5. The process and development of analytics across Data Sources, without the data moving (federated analytics)
  6. The process of analysing data in a TRE when data is required to be in a single location
  7. The methods to include Patient and Public Involvement in a technical infrastructure projects

The standardisation processes researched in CO-CONNECT are underpinned by the core concept that the individual data should never leave the control of the Data Partner. All processes have been developed so the Data Partner retains full control and stewardship of data with the Data Partner enabled to standardise their processes by software provided by CO-CONNECT.