The process and development of analytics across Data Sources (federated analytics)

In collaboration with Data Partners, CO-CONNECT is researching federated analysis. This is where the data remains within the Data Partners’ secure environment, but questions about the data are sent through the Health Data Research Innovation Gateway website and summary results returned. Building upon the functionality of the method to find data using the cohort discovery search tool as described in the CO-CONNECT: Finding Data video, this method would provide more complex trend analysis rather than simple counts. Data Partners must approve all federated analysis research projects before any analysis can take place. 

For example, the question could be “How does the number of people with a positive PCR test change with age”. The trend returned would return the number of people with a positive PCR test grouped by age range.

The researcher would have to apply directly to the Data Partner to be allowed to use this functionality.

This work continues to be researched and is not yet implemented or agreed between Data Partners.