Who can use the HDR UK Cohort Discovery tool?

In line with the UK Health Data Research Alliance principles for participation, a proportionate governance approach based on the Five Safes Framework is used. For accessing Cohort Discovery, the focus is on Safe People and Safe Projects as Safe Setting, Safe Data and Safe Outputs are managed by the data and technology partners.

To access Cohort Discovery users must demonstrate Safe People status either as a researcher, NHS analyst or equivalent. This will be assessed based on the Gateway registered user profile, including institutional email address, role description and ORCID record.  It is therefore essential to be a registered user of the gateway and includes institutional email address and role description in the profile before a request to access Cohort Discovery is submitted.

To satisfy a proportionate assessment of Safe Project, users need to provide information on why access is requested.  This is reviewed to ensure there is potential for public benefit.  Access, if granted, is for a period of 6-months after which there is potential to renew.

If Safe People status or the potential public benefit is indeterminate, further information will be requested and HDR UK reserve the right not to provide access.