Meet the Team

Principle Investigators

Phil Quinlan

University of Nottingham

Dr. Quinlan is the Head of the Digital Research Service at the University of Nottingham and Co-Director of the UKCRC Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre

Emily Jefferson

University of Dundee

Professor Jefferson is the Academic Lead and Director of the Health Informatics Centre at the University of Dundee and a Professor in Health Data Science.

Susan Hopkins

Public Health England

Professor Susan Hopkins is the Senior Medical Advisor at Public Health England and the lead for the SIREN study.

Aziz Sheikh

University of Edinburgh

Professor Sheikh is Director of the Usher Institute. He is also Director of the Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research (AUKCAR)

Patient and Public Involvement Leads

Jillian Beggs

PPI - Co-Investigator

Jillian works with the Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) team to support the research team with PPI input across all work packages.

Antony Chuter

PPI - Co-Investigator

Antony lives in Sussex with his partner and their dogs. He has lived with chronic pain for 30 years and has a number of other health conditions. He enjoys being involved with healthcare research because of the difference it can make.

Antony works with the Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) team to support the research team with PPI input across all work packages.

Programme Management

Jenny Johnston

University of Dundee

Jenny’s main focus is on Work Package 2 which will determine which data fields need to be captured to answer the key research questions. She is also the main contact for Data Governance queries across the project and supports the Programme Technical Lead.

Gordon Milligan

University of Dundee

Gordon joined HIC to work solely on CO-CONNECT. His focus is on managing the Software Automation and Data Curation aspects of the project.

Andrew Hadfield

University of Nottingham

Andrew’s role within the project is to provide business analysis support, as well as working closely with the software teams to plan, structure and deliver output aligned to the project’s objectives.

Team Leaders

Sam Cox

University of Nottingham

Sam leads the software development team, working on the software automation to aid data curation and build pipelines to integrate partners’ datasets into the HDR gateway.

Scott Horban

University of Dundee

Scott works with the Data Team in order to ensure each dataset is standardised and converted into a common format securely, correctly and consistently so that researchers can interpret it easily and effectively.

Tom Giles

University of Nottingham

Tom leads the infrastructure team facilitating the deployment of the required infrastructure for the project and also works with partners helping them to extract metadata from datasets.

Tracy Jackson

University of Edinburgh

Tracy coordinates patient and public involvement (PPI) and works with the PPI Leads, patient and public members to make sure they are meaningfully involved throughout the project.

Data and Software Teams

Calum Macdonald

University of Edinburgh

Calum works as a Data Analyst for the CO-CONNECT Project, he is involved in the curation and meta-data cataloguing of datasets to make sure they are available in a meaningful and secure manner for COVID-19 research.

Chris Hall

University of Dundee

Chris Hall is a Data Analyst within HIC Services. He joined the University of Dundee in December of 2006 having previously worked within the NHS. Chris oversees several members of the team working on the CO-CONNECT project.

David Schlessinger

University of Dundee

David is working to deliver the software required to automate the pipeline connecting the data partners’ information to the CO-CONNECT platform that also transforms the source data into the OMOP common data model.

Erum Masood

University of Dundee

Erum works with different Data Partners, ensuring that the metadata has all the required information. She is also involved in the process of standardising datasets, converting them to OMOP-CDM and standardised vocabularies.

Esmond Urwin

University of Nottingham

Esmond’s main focus within the project is upon the extraction of metadata from COVID data sets and the subsequent mapping of this metadata to the OMOP healthcare standard. Additionally, he is also contributing to the standardisation of healthcare data.

Ipek Birced

University of Dundee

Joseph Best

University of Nottingham

Now on secondment to Health Data Research UK. Joe’s role is to liaise with Data Partners to design the software solution around their environment, then to plan and implement the deployment.

Shahzad Mumtaz

University of Dundee

Shahzad will be looking into the research side of the project regarding data federation and will also be running some exemplar queries to test the system.

Shameema Stalin

University of Dundee

Shameema works with the data team. Her focus within this project is on standardising the datasets from different data partners and mapping them to the OMOP-CDM data model.

Simon Tarr

University of Nottingham

Simon is a software engineer within the software development team, working on the code that will help transform our partner’s data to the OMOP standard CDM.

Vasiliki Panagi

University of Nottingham

Vasiliki is a software developer working within the software team to develop automating the pipeline connecting datasets from the data partners’ to the HDR UK gateway platform.